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  • Cellular is the clear choice for clear communication

    • High bandwidth 4G LTE networks
    • Consistent connectivity across the nation and internationally
    • Supports 1:1 and real-time group calls
    • Overpriced radio devices
    • High infrastructure costs
    • Poor coverage with dead zones and range issues
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the SD7?
      SD7 is a rugged handset that enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) conversations with co-workers over public cellular networks.
    • How is the SD7 handset different than regular two-way radios?
      SD7 operates with a SIM card on public cellular networks, so its coverage is nationwide and beyond, with crystal-clear audio quality unlike limited coverage on two-way radio networks.
    • How is the SD7 handset different than a Smartphone?
      SD7 is technically a cellular phone, but designed exclusively for PTT conversations and not conventional phone functions like talk, text and data.
    • How will my organization benefit from SD7?
      SD7’s loud, crystal clear audio will help your workers hear PTT calls, even in noisy environments. Also, its PTT button and rotary knob to select PTT channels (or talk groups) makes it so easy to use. Finally, if you need to have PTT in-vehicle conversations, simply slide SD7 into the optional Vehicle Kit for an optimal in-vehicle experience, with a loud speaker and wired palm mic.
    • How rugged is the SD7 handset?
      The SD7’s Military Standard 810H and IP68 approval ratings for ruggedness and water resistance make SD7 ready for any environment.
    • Can SD7 handsets communicate with other devices or only with other SD7 handsets?
      SD7 handsets can communicate with any cellular device on the same PTT channel (or talk group) as the SD7 handset.
    • Can others eavesdrop on PTT conversations?
      You and your co-workers whose handsets are on the same PTT channel (or talk group) are the only ones hearing your conversation. Finally a cellular call where eavesdropping is virtually impossible.
    • What is the cost for the SD7 handset and for the PTT service?
      The MSRP for the SD7 handset is $395 USD, but some wireless carriers or resellers may sell for less. The monthly cost for the PTT service varies but is usually under $15 USD.
    • How long is the warranty period for SD7?
      The SD7 handset has a 2-year comprehensive warranty. Siyata accessories for the SD7 have a 1-year warranty.
    • Where can I buy the SD7 handset?
      Most wireless carriers in North America and selected international carriers will sell the SD7 handset to their public sector and commercial customers. You can also visit our website for help finding a reseller.